Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Wow. This old thing is still here... and now so far in the future it's a new decade and all.

Anyone still out there?

Been thinking of reviving this, not sure what exactly the focus or aim will be, I am already journaling some entries but they are kept private and not published - but this gives me a bit of human contact.

Happy 2020, possibly some more to come?

(test post)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Blogger tells me that EU law requires something about cookies.

So.... I like cookies.
A lot.

Oh and if you haven't had a chance to view the Apple iPhone commercial with Cookie Monster, you must do so immediately. If there were like Academy Awards for commercials, this should win. It's EPIC great hilarious.


Thursday, February 18, 2016


We're on into 2016 now and I realized I have not posted in forever. I also realized I haven't even kept up with my own private journal entries, but I no longer post those anyway.
I see two page views today, so someone out there is still around - hello to all of my followers, I hope this post finds you well and safe and secure wherever you are.
Life moves on, but as you know I'm on a (very long-term) hiatus from blog-land.
Stay safe and I'll try and post something soon.
Like, this year ha ha ha.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello Kitty.....

Heck yeah, still here.
I was going through old posts and realized, I never posted pictures of our new cats.
So without further ado, I present to you Charlie, Simon, Hazel, and Peanut Butter, in no particular order. Charlie and Hazel are brother and sister, and Simon and Peanut Butter are also, but not related.
These photos are actually from when we first adopted them (several months ago now) so they have gotten bigger but still just as adorable!!


Peanut Butter



Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feline Arrival...

We have new cats.

I feel guilty, and I hope Pinky and Tyler won't be mad. We still miss them so much it almost feels a bit traitorious to get new cats. And of course in the back of my mind is the thought that one day we'll have to go through all the emotions of losing them, again.

We spent the afternoon adopting. It's more complicated than buying a car - and you can probably adopt a human child with less paperwork.

Mom had been actively looking for a week or two, we had decided it would be good for her to have some "company" in the house. She hasn't done well with the grieving process, and is lonely.

She had seen 2 kittens she liked a lot, and finally today I went up with her to meet them. They were OK... not particularly "cute" as far as kittens go. But... they sure purred like heck.

They are currently named (as bestowed by the foster people and the shelter) as Lady and Bandit, and they are from the same litter and inseperable. They both need each other and get upset when separated even briefly, so it was a sort of, you have to take both together, which is fine.

While there looking at them, I noticed a cage with 3 tiny tiny kittens, and immediately fell in love with one of them. One of those three was a runt of the litter. so super-tiny, and some other people were looking at it. But the other two, were still available.

(one of them just clawed their way up my leg ouch!! so cute!!)

So we had our hesitations and discussion trying to figure out which cat to take.

In the end, we decided, we will definitely take Mom's two original choices. AND... we'll take one of the other two as well, because she spent half the afternoon in my arms. The two were from one litter, and are about 3.5 months old,. the other two are from a different family and just 2 months old.

As it turned out, we also wound up taking home the FOURTH cat, as foster parents. Of course, that leaves us the option to buy him - and it's pretty obvious he'll wind up staying with us too!!! Felt sad leaving the runt all alone, but apparently the other people are going to adopt the runt and her mother,. so that's nice. I told the woman if they don't, we will certainly consider her too!!


I'll take pictures tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Goodbye, Little Guy.....

We put Tyler to sleep today - the vet came over a little after 6pm. Mom was in hysterics, I was even almost sobbing at one point. They gave him the first shot - a tranquilizer, Mom held him in her arms for a few minutes, I leaned over to say goodbye (by that point they are mostly unconscious anyway) and then it was time to lay him on the table, and the vet gave him the final injection (overdose of anesthetic to stop his heart) and Mom held him for a few more minutes.

I think the worst part is the period between the first and second shots, when you don't really know exactly when they stop being able to know you are there and crying for them, before they slip away. I noticed Tyler's claws feebly scratching on Mom's arm and then they stopped as he relaxed.

We said thank you to the vet and her assistant - although I'm not sure "thank you" is the right word - I mean, what, thanks for coming to kill our cat? But of course, it's a thank-you for helping putting him out of his misery, and a thanks for all the years they took care of both him and Pinky. (Mom said even they had tears in their eyes when Pinky died). Such a horrible thing.

Mom cried and cried and cried... and then abruptly wanted dinner. She wasn't very coherent - she wanted to go someplace and sit outside to eat, but then she didn't want to be around people. She wanted a stiff drink - or three, I don't blame her. We settled on some takeout from PF Changs, and I stopped to get a bottle of super-cheap sparkling wine since she wanted bubbly. (PF Changs is fucking expensive. It was 36 dollars for 2 entrees and a side order. In fact - I'd better check that tomorrow perhaps it was the wrong price now that I think about it but I was in no state to deal with it). So we came home and sat outside. At one point, she insisted she saw Tyler standing inside, broke out in hysterical sobbing again.

Now the next hardest part was, clearing out Mom's room of cat-related items. The cat food, bowls, the litter box from the hall, and all the other little kitty things laying around. She was in hysterics. She was also very drunk. I made sure she had two large glasses of the champagne (I had about a half-cup) so that she can calm down. (She's hilarious when drunk) since we both have little tolerance for alcohol.

So she's in her room now sobbing quietly.

Tyler is with Pinky, waiting for his own star in the night sky, I hope his is right next to Pinky when he finally gets to the end of his journey in this life. I know they will be comfortable and happy together.

Mom is right - it's going to be awfully quiet around here. It will be difficult for days or even weeks, to get over this - and I have to nudge Mom forward.

But right now is time for grieving.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Goodbye, My Baby...

Pinky is gone. She is at rest, and peaceful, and not suffering anymore.

I don't know about heaven or where she goes where any of us go, but her spirit and soul will always be a part of me. I know she will become a star up in the sky winking forever and ever. Inside I feel so so so much love. The love she gave to me, the love I gave to her. She wasn't just a cat, she was my child, my friend, and my love.

She died in my arms, her head resting in my hand, as she slowly faded away, before she passed completely. I felt her heart slow and I felt her heart stop. I'd like to say I saw the light go out of her eyes, but it was really hard to tell. I know she went to sleep looking and me, and me looking at her and saying "I love you".

I love you always, Pinky.